As a designer, I find the prototype stage to be one of the most interesting and exciting phases in the design process. It is at this point that I get to see how the interaction, and which is a crucial stage in the design process, and it is a phase that I truly enjoy. It allows me to turn my ideas into tangible designs that can be tested and refined to meet the user's needs. During my master's program in Interaction Design, I was able to expand my skills by using powerful design tools. This allowed me to create more detailed prototypes that accurately incorporated user feedback and preferences. With these skills, I am able to create designs that are not only beautiful but also functional and user-friendly.

plywood cut by Laser cut machine  

LED matrix 32x32 - Sound visualisation 

3D printing - Voice assistant prototype 

LED matrix 32x32 - Sound visualisation 

Hinge wood technology cut by Laser cut machine

3D printing - Rotary system 

Interactive installation represent a bonfire as a symbolic object from the forest. This object connected to sensors and once triggered a stories start playing 

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