Art can be created anywhere and anytime. This project was designed to create a digital art piece based on the poses of human bodies, where the skeleton is used as the primary source of inspiration. The concept is memorable to share the joy between the participants. Human art is a collective way to share a messages of love, peace and unity. It is generated by AI tools that have been trained to capture the body posture and translate it into an artistic representation. The tool is designed to pick up on the subtle movements and convert them into a composition. This project was co-designed with Rita Moreira and Dirshti Gopwani
The interaction modality
The installation for this project is intended to be placed in busy areas where people are always in a rush and may not have time to stop and appreciate the art around them. The installation includes a small photo booth where participants can quickly pose in front of the device. Once the device captures the pose, it sends it to a larger canvas that randomly displays the poses. Participants who have posed for the photo booth can then see their pose on the larger canvas, creating a sense of community and connection.
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