Bedtime Lullaby Teller is an object designed for kids that allows them to listen to different stories during sleep time. The object is the perfect solution for parents who want to provide a soothing and entertaining bedtime routine for their kids. With this object, kids can enjoy a variety of stories without the need for screens or other distractions. Overall, Bedtime Lullaby Teller provides a simple and enjoyable user experience that is perfect for kids. With its intuitive design and variety of stories, it is sure to become a beloved part of any child's bedtime routine. This project was co-designed with Rita Moreira.​​​​​​​
Interface and Interaction modality
Bedtime Lullaby Teller is a physical object with a front side where the user can attach a key-magnet corresponding to a chosen story. Each key-magnet runs a unique story and has its own special light colors. The other sides of the box are designed with unique patterns to fit the nighttime mood. To turn on the object, users should tap the box twice. The object will then enter waiting mode until the key-magnet is attached. Once attached, the color will change and slowly fade out at the end of the story.
User Experience
The user experience has been kept simple and intuitive. This object is designed to provide an easy-to-use tangible interface for kids, without any distractions or complexity. The design aims to create a pleasurable experience and fond memories for the kids. The light adds to the feeling of joyfulness. The object is screen-free, which is essential for kids at bedtime. The object allows the user to easily change the story by changing the key-magnet.
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